“I cannot believe that you told six sessions of stories and never repeated a single one!  Mrs. Turner and I who
were able to hear them all
were truly blessed.” 


Karen Hodges, Kyle, Texas

Programs for Schools and Libraries

An author with teaching experience in Language Arts, English, Spanish, and Special Education and work as an educational specialist in a museum of history and culture, Mary Grace understands the role of artistry in advancing a community of learners. Her interactive story programs address the scope and sequence of each grade’s Social Studies content as well as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Language Arts.

Library programs for children can be planned to enrich holiday or seasonal themes, summer reading programs, literary or reading initiatives, and other special events.

The National Council of Teachers of English describe the benefits of Storytelling for children:  
Story is the best vehicle for passing on factual information. Historical figures and events linger in children's minds when communicated by way of a narrative. The ways of other cultures, both ancient and living, acquire honor in story. The facts about how plants and animals develop, how numbers work, or how government policy influences history—any topic, for that matter—can be incorporated into story form and made more memorable if the listener takes the story to heart.  Click to view the NCTE’s complete position statement on storytelling (www.ncte.org/positions/statements/teachingstorytelling).


JUAN BOBO, A Folktale from Puerto Rico


Texas Commission on the ArtsMary Grace is part of the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster.  Support may be available to assist with booking fees through the Cultural Connections Performance Support grant application.  This quarterly program provides support to Texas schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations for hiring an artist from the TCA Touring Roster to do a performance.  These applications are funded based on a sliding scale or percentage of contracted fees.  Support is based on TCA’s available funds.  Contact TCA at 512-4633-5535, extension 0 (zero) for more information.  She is also in the Mid-America Arts Alliance Registry.


What a Day of Stories might look like at your school

All story programs include engaging transitions and background on story types with an emphasis on how stories endure through time, how they travel from place to place, and how stories reflect our common humanity.  If your program is for a unique purpose such as celebrating student accomplishments or acknowledging a holiday, I'll include that in story selection, introduction, transitions or closure.

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Read more about Storytelling and the TEKS: Story Activities which support the TEKS (pdf file)

Perfect occasions to invite a storyteller to your school

Student Fun: Story Character Word Search (pdf file) with Answers (pdf file)

about planning a program for you. (She'll reply with fee information, story ideas, her W-9 form, or anything else you ask about!)

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