“That’s the best story
I ever heard!”
Angie, age 8, Austin

"That story was so good it made me see a movie! "

Dillon, age 10, Orange Grove

What a Day of Stories might look like at your Elementary School

Organize storytelling sessions as best fits your school schedule; if necessary to combine groups, please combine adjacent grades only. I am always happy to see ESL, Special Ed, and other special needs students join an appropriate grade level for a story program.  (I speak some Spanish, and I have a M.Ed in Special Education/Emotionally Disturbed.)

All stories support TEKS language arts and social studies skills, and particular stories also support some of the content strands in literature, social studies, and science.

I will make story selections, but you are welcome to enter in as much as you care to, especially if you wish to honor special occasions or acknowledge unique situations at your school.


Here is a sample of stories I might tell. There are plenty more where these came from.


Morning Kinder and Pre-K, 20 minutes

  1. Turtle of Koka (Angola, interactive, rhythmic, say-together lines)
  2. Five Little Pigs Take a Walk (Japan, role-playing, counting)
  3. Mr. Fox's Sack (England, interactive)
    (Audience manners)

Afternoon Kinder and First, 20 minutes

  1. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids (Northern Europe, interactive)
  2. Juan Bobo (Cuba, bilingual say-together lines, predicting)
  3. Sinukuan the Judge (The Philippines, cause-and-effect)
    (Audience manners)

Second Grade, 30 minutes

  1. Hi! My Name is Joe (US, interactive)
  2. The Heart of the Monkey (India, finger cymbals)
  3. The Tinker and the Ghost (Spain, chant-together lines, interactive, some Spanish)
    (Audience Manners)

Third Grade, 30 minutes

  1. The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle (Wales, interactive)
  2. The Two Frogs' Journey (Japan, role-playing, puzzle)
  3. Jack and the Varmints (US/Scotland, rollicking tale, how stories change when they travel)

Fourth Grade, 45 minutes

  1. The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (Russia, cumulative tale, predicting)
  2. The Noodle (China, humorous, using your wits)
  3. The Wicked Snake (South Texas, bilingual)

Fifth Grade, 45 minutes

  1. Kanu Above and Kanu Below (Limba tale, cumulative folktale, predicting)
  2. Scheherezade; Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (Persian classic of oral literature)
  3. Old Dry Fry (American South, drawn from an Arabian Nights tale)


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