"Mary Grace Ketner's presentation is the perfect way to introduce students to Chaucer's

The Canterbury Tales.

Her knowledge of Chaucer's language, style, and stories is invaluable and makes students want to know more. Even teachers who have taught Chaucer for years will learn a thing or two from her."


Amy Maytum, English IV & Humanities Teacher, La Vernia (Texas) High School

"The day was sultry. The audience laid back. We sat up in our chairs compelled by a liquid flood of Middle English. Mary Grace brings a compelling clarity to entertain modern teens and adults with ancient and rarely heard stories ... a true and rare art."


Yvonne Healy, Michigan Storyteller

Chaucer on the Go!Chaucer on the Go!

a 1- to 2- hour
storytelling program about

Chaucer, Middle English,
and The Canterbury Tales


What’s in the program?

A hank of history, a little Middle English language, a bit of biography, and one or two of Chaucer’s best-loved stories told orally, just as the pilgrims themselves shared them on their journey, except in mostly modern English.  Let Mary Grace make The Canterbury Tales  accessible to your students and give them a taste of Tale-Telling in the form in which it was intended to be enjoyed--right outloud!

Doin’ the Middle English Flex:

Chaucer on the Go can adjust to fit your needs.  In an hour, your class can get some entertaining and interactive background as well as The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.  For block schedules, we can add the Wife of Bath’s Tale with time to compare to Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell in class discussion.  Or, plan time for the stories and presentation, and leave yourself time for your own discussion or activities; I’ll hang around if you want me to, or I’ll step over to the Tabard for a swig of Dr. Pepper until the next class arrives.

How would you like to set up Chaucer on the Go at your school?

and we'll work out a plan that's just right for your students.


Mary Grace telling "The Nun's Priest's Tale" (Video edited to 12 minutes.)

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Texas Commission on the ArtsMary Grace is part of the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster.  Support may be available to assist with booking fees through the Cultural Connections Performance Support grant application.  This quarterly program provides support to Texas schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations for hiring an artist from the TCA Touring Roster to do a performance.  These applications are funded based on a sliding scale or percentage of contracted fees.  Support is based on TCA’s available funds.  Contact TCA at 512-4633-5535, extension 0 (zero) for more information.  She is also in the Mid-America Arts Alliance Registry.

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