Arab Storytelling Resources

Stories and resources for storytellers and students of tales from Arab and Persian lands.


Fables, Folktales and Fairy Tales

Organized by folktale title, this page offers an annotated listing of best known folktales from the Arab World including thumbnail story sketches, bibliographic sources and, where available, web links to the story source or information about it.

Arabian Nights

Not that these aren't folktales, too!

Hodja and Luqman bin Ad

Braid together the Wise Men of Chelm, Solomon and Br'er Rabbit, and you've got Hodja. Luqman bin Ad is the Aesop of the Arab World.


Containing words often used in Arab folktales.

Art and Web Links

Connections - Allah be praised! - to other helpful information or images.

Meet the Folklorists

Read interviews with Barbara and Warren Walker and Inea Bushnaq.

Scheherazade Was Right! (pdf)

It is in the world’s stories that we discover our common humanity. Why not look to stories from the Arab world for an antidote to the poisonous racism that assaults our Arab and Muslim neighbors each day in the USA?

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